Last-Mile Delivery Logistics Is Complicated and Overwhelming

Imagine Life With An Accountant That Is Obsessed With Your Last-Mile Accounting

Last Mile Delivery Is A Unique Industry

Most accountants aren’t familiar with the particular requirements that you, as a route owner, are expected to meet. They don’t know about annual compliance letters and financial heath assessments.

You deserve better.

The 3 Pillars of Last-Mile Accounting

Carrier Compliance

Do you subcontract for a carrier that requires an annual letter of compliance? With us on your side, you won’t have to think about it twice.

We’re here to advise you on how to stay compliant and on the road.

If you’re out of compliance then you’re out of business, so Carrier Compliance is the first pillar of Last Mile Accounting


Whether you’re only paying yourself or a full contingent of drivers, running a smooth payroll operation is an administrative migraine.

With us running your payroll you’ll never have to worry about “reasonable compensation” or missed payroll deposits.

Drivers that don’t get paid don’t deliver packages, so Payroll is the second pillar of Last Mile Accounting.

Bookkeeping & Taxes

The last thing you want on your mind is whether your bookkeeping is in order or if your tax return has been filed.

Your carrier needs you to have your books in order so they know you’re a reliable contractor. The IRS wants you to file your tax return so they can “fund the government.”

Bookkeeping and Taxes are drudgery to most, but not to us. And it needs to be done right and on time. That’s why Bookkeeping and Taxes are the third pillar of Last Mile Accounting.

Here's What Our Current Clients Are Saying...

In our terminal they always announce the first contractor to get their annual compliance letter turned in and it is always a Last Mile Accounting client.

Mike See


Most accountants don’t understand the independent last mile contractor business. The people at Last Mile Accounting know exactly what I need as an independent Fedex contractor.

Robert Johnson


Fedex makes a big deal out of annual compliance letters and financial health assessments, but I don’t worry about them because Last Mile Accounting has everything in order to get them turned in correctly and before the due date.

Kevin Smithson


The Simplicity of our Last Mile Accounting Process


1. Schedule A Conversation

Let’ have a free no-commitment conversation for 10 to 20 minutes to make sure we like each other.

We’ll also make sure we’re a good fit for your operation. In other words, let’s make sure our services fit your specific needs!

2. Let Us Crunch The Numbers

We will work with you to quickly put an accounting system in place that meets all of your requirements. 

Once we do, you can let us take care of the bookkeeping, taxes, payroll processing, and compliance tracking. 

3. Work Smarter & Rest Easier

Accounting is a big part of last mile logistics, but it’s only one part. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your accounting is in good hands so that you can keep an eye on everything else. 

And we hope you’ll rest easier knowing that we’ve got your back. 

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